Operational activities and research are closely linked in Danish Air Ambulance (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service). The focus of the research strategy is therefore to ensure evidence-based services which help pinpoint the possibilities for developing and improving the overall prehospital course.

Research to the benefit of emergency care patients

Research in emergency medical helicopter activities is to contribute new specialist knowledge and increase quality of treatment to the benefit of emergency care patients. The operational activities often inspire research, and positive research results are implemented in the operational activities.

The research strategy for Danish Air Ambulance comprises the timeline from when an emergency alarm call (1-1-2) is received and to the patient is handed over to the emergency department or a specialised department.

Research areas

A wide range of research areas has been defined in the research strategy for Danish Air Ambulance:

  • Clinical epidemiological surveys
  • Clinical studies which map the efficacy of the prehospital services on patient and outcome
  • Development and testing of medicines and/or medico-technical equipment as well as point-of-care
  • Education and training in prehospital treatment
  • Patient safety and quality assurance
  • Social science issues