Operational activities and research are closely linked in Danish Air Ambulance (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service). The focus of the research strategy is therefore to ensure evidence-based services which help pinpoint the possibilities for developing and improving the overall prehospital course.

Research to the benefit of emergency care patients

The research aims to improve treatment of patients and evidence-based operation of the emergency medical helicopters by initiating and contributing to high-standard clinical research projects with both national and international interest and collaboration.

The research can also lead to new and better diagnostic methods and treatments, better and more coherent and time-optimal patient flows, fewer complications, as well as greater patient satisfaction, and highlight possible socio-economic importance by studying optimised resource utilisation.

Research areas

A wide range of research areas has been defined in the research strategy for Danish Air Ambulance:

  • Scientific excellence studies involving prehospital service
  • Studies with a wide range of high-quality collaboration
  • Clinical studies involving the prehospital service, mapping the impact of the overall healthcare service – assessed in terms of patient flows and outcomes
  • Development and testing of medicines and/or medical equipment in the prehospital phase
  • Education and training in prehospital treatment

Research strategy