DAA database (HEMS file):

  • DAA has an extensive database of data (see the variable list document – it is in Danish) regarding the emergency medical helicopters' efforts, and this data can be provided in connection with relevant research projects. When providing data, the Danish Data Protection Agency's (or equivalent local authority's) regulations apply, and there must be a plan for purpose, hypothesis, analysis, and dissemination of results in the form of scientific articles in national or international journals and other forums. All projects where data from the helicopter play a substantial role must have a partner affiliated with the Danish Air Ambulance. In addition, all projects and articles that use data from DAA must point this out in the method section, for example with the text: "Data is collected by the Danish Air Ambulance". Application for the release of DAA data is sent to the secretariat of the Danish Air Ambulance.


Prehospital Patient Journal data:

  • The emergency medical helicopter uses and submits data to the Prehospital Patient Journal (PPJ). A subset of this data is included in the Prehospital database (rkkp.dk) as clinical care pathway data. PPJ data can be obtained for transversal and nationwide quality and research projects.