The action card for ambulances, police as well as fire and rescue services shows what is important to remember when you are to receive and collaborate with an emergency medical helicopter.

We recommend that the action card be printed in an A5 format, laminated and placed in the glove compartment or some other place with easy access for the operational crew.

The action card for ambulances also has a reverse page with important information about, for example, preparing patients etc.

The actioncards are only available in Danish. To download a printable PDF version of the action card, click the pictures below.

If you want to print and laminate the action card in a printing shop, we have also created a pdf with marked cutting edges. You will find both pdf versions beneath the picture.

Attention when driving around the helicopter

It is important to keep close attention to the helicopter, when driving around the scene of an accident.

The video below shows a case from Chile where a vehicle was driving too close to the helicopter at the scene of an accident and what the consequences are, when the rotors of a helicopter are hit by a vehicle (approximately at 1:50 in the video).