Emergency medical helicopters have been on 24-hour duty over Denmark since 1 October 2014. The emergency medical helicopters are operated by the five regions jointly.

Thorough preparatory work

Before the permanent service entered into force in 2014, there were trial schemes with emergency medical helicopters in the North Denmark Region, Central Denmark Region and Region Zealand. Also the Region of Southern Denmark had assistance at its disposal in the form of a emergency medical helicopter from Northern Germany.

Read the evaluations of the trial schemes

Read also the report on any permanent helicopter emergency medical service, which summarises the key points from the evaluations of the trial schemes.

Parliamentary decision

In the Finance Act Agreement for 2013, the Ministry of Health and Prevention laid down the framework for the regions’ start-up and subsequent operation of Danish Air Ambulance.

The regions began the preparatory work on the service at the end of 2013. In the course of August 2014, the majority of the infrastructure and the healthcare organisation were ready for operation, so that there was time to provide the necessary instruction and training of physicians and other crew members before start-up.

In connection with the Finance Act Agreement for 2018, it was decided to expand Danish Air Ambulance with an extra helicopter crew from 2019 and onwards. The new helicopter became operational as scheduled on 2 January 2019 at noon.