Danish Air Ambulance is open to enquiries from the press and other parties.

Press releases

Keep up to date under press releases where you can read the latest news etc. on the regions’ emergency medical helicopters.

Picture archive

The pictures contained in the picture archive are available for free use in connection with mention of the regions’ emergency medical helicopters if Danish Air Ambulance is stated as the source. The pictures must not be used in connection with marketing or other purposes without permission from Danish Air Ambulance. Remember to credit the photographer and www.akutlægehelikopter.dk.

Communication Consultant

As a general rule, enquiries to Danish Air Ambulance are sent to the main mailbox at the email address: alh@rm.dk
Enquiries can also be addressed to the Prehospital’s Communication Consultant Anna Glavind, who also handles communication tasks for Danish Air Ambulance.
Communication Consultant Anna Glavind:

Telephone: + 45 7841 4814

Email: anna.glavind@ph.rm.dk