Danish Air Ambulance is operated jointly by the five regions and is a cross-regional emergency response service.

Care from the air

The emergency medical helicopters are to contribute to ensuring that acutely ill citizens with life-threatening symptoms who reside or are staying far from specialised hospitals are provided with fast access to prehospital specialist treatment.

Ready for rescue 24 hours a day

Denmark has a total of four emergency medical helicopters, which are located at the bases in Skive, Billund, Ringsted and Saltum. The emergency medical helicopters are manned 24 hours a day and can fly to all parts of Denmark.

Prehospital supplement

Danish Air Ambulance was established in 2014 as a supplement to the regions’ existing prehospital emergency response services.


Norsk Luftambulanse A/S is the supplier of Danish Air Ambulance. Read more about Norsk Luftambulanse A/S at the company’s website: www.nlaas.no