30 September 2014

With a reception and two ribbon cuts, the regions’ three national emergency medical helicopters were inaugurated by representatives of official Denmark Tuesday afternoon.

Earlier in the day, Minister for Health Nick Hækkerup and Chairman of Danish Regions Bent Hansen inaugurated Danish Air Ambulance at a joint reception held at Billund Airport, on one of Denmark’s three newly constructed helicopter bases.

Cut and take off

After speeches and wishes of success for the emergency medical helicopters as a supplement to the existing emergency response services, Nick Hækkerup and Bent Hansen concurrently cut the traditional red ribbon. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, two of the emergency medical helicopters flew ‘home’ to their bases in Ringsted and Skive, respectively, while the third helicopter remained at the base in Billund – ready to be on duty on the night between 30 September and 1 October.

Three for five works

The Chairman of Danish Regions, Bent Hansen (the Social Democratic Party) noted on the inauguration day that three emergency medical helicopters for five regions show that the regions are good at working together to the benefit of the citizens.

“We know that the helicopters save both lives and mobility. The trial schemes have documented that the emergency medical helicopters are particularly effective over long distances and are an excellent supplement to the regions’ existing emergency response services. I'm really pleased to be here to see them take off today,” says Bent Hansen.

Primarily acutely ill patients over the longest distances

The regions’ emergency medical helicopters are primarily to fly to acutely ill patients where time is vital. These are often also patients who need care at Denmark’s large specialised hospitals. The emergency medical helicopters fly at approximately 240 km/h, equal to approximately four kilometres per minute.

All three emergency medical helicopters can be alerted from midnight when the trial schemes in Karup and Ringsted are closed down.

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Photo: The regions’ emergency medical helicopters/Lasse Hyldager

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Chairman of Danish Regions, Bent Hansen, tel. +45 4031 3707